Car accidents: Getting help when you need it the most

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2019 | Car Accidents

Victims injured in avoidable car accidents suffer in many ways. They must typically cope with physical pain as they work to recover. In most cases, these victims must also overcome financial burdens in the aftermath of an accident. Emotional and mental suffering such as depression and unusual levels of anxiety are also a problem for many car accident victims.

As injury lawyers serving residents in the Andover region of Massachusetts, we know the challenges that victims of car accidents face. We also know that they are rarely equipped to overcome these challenges without assistance. Our attorneys would like to share with you the many ways we serve and assist victims who are struggling to find a new normal after suffering accident injuries.

  • Investigate and uncover liability for the accident
  • Communicate with the other driver, his or her attorney and his or her insurance provider on your behalf
  • Gather and organize all information about the accident and your injuries
  • Work with your own insurance providers to make certain that they pay you the claim amounts you are due
  • Communicate with your medical providers to ensure that they provide the full documentation of your injuries and your treatment
  • Represent you throughout all legal actions associated with your injury

Even if you choose not to file a personal injury claim against the other motorist for his or her negligence, working with a lawyer ensures that your rights remain protected at all times. Because car accidents can change your life in so many ways, it makes sense to secure an advocate to look after your interests alone.

Read more about how to protect yourself in the wake of a negligent accident by exploring the many resources published on our website. You may also reach out to our staff for personalized information.