Should you accept a quick settlement offer?

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Injuries

The insurance company representative in Massachusetts will want to talk to you to find out what your injuries are. They will want to know whether you are still undergoing medical care, whether you had hospitalization, whether you need surgery, whether you need physical therapy or rehabilitation therapy or whether you need ongoing medical intervention.

Why do they do that? Because they want to know what the risk is from a financial standpoint on their end. According to Nolo, they want to know whether they are going to have to ultimately pay you, assuming that they have liability for your injuries. If they can try and limit the amount that they are going to pay you by offering a quick settlement now, it’s in their interest to try and do that.

If an insurance company feels that they have liability and that there are documented damages and injuries, they will simply cut a check without being asked in the hopes that you will see a nice big check and take it. Once you do that, you are effectively giving up your right to bring a lawsuit and seek compensation for more than whatever it is that the insurance companies offer you.

That’s one way that the insurance companies save thousands of dollars by settling a case early without you even asking them for a dime. Plus, shortly after the accident, you may not know the full extent of your permanent injuries. You may not know whether you’ll need surgery in the future or what type of therapy you’re going to need. As a result of that, you’re going to be speculating that you will not need those additional treatments just because you see a nice check in front of you.

This information is meant to educate.