Do you know the signs of a concussion?

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2022 | Injuries

During an accident, you can easily incur a head injury. One kind of wound that you may sustain is a concussion.

You could receive a concussion in several different situations. The Mayo Clinic says that concussions occur when your brain collides with the sides of your skull. This may happen if your head slams against the headrest during a car crash. Additionally, you could sustain this injury if your head hits the ground after you fall. You may be more susceptible to concussions if you have had a prior head injury.

What are the symptoms?

You could experience several different symptoms after sustaining a concussion. You may have blurry vision or ringing in your ears. You could also feel nauseated and have a headache. In some situations, you may not remember the incident that caused your injury. Additionally, you could feel dizzy or confused.

You may not notice the symptoms of a concussion immediately after the incident. However, the symptoms can last for a few days or weeks. You may, for example, experience light sensitivity or have problems sleeping for several days. Additionally, it could take some time to regain your ability to concentrate.

Do you need medical care?

Even a mild head injury should receive medical attention. A doctor can determine the full extent of your injury and also provide advice about coping with the symptoms. However, you may need further care if you begin to lose your physical coordination. If your headache continually worsens or you still feel nauseated, you should also seek help. Continuous ringing in your ears can also be a sign that you need further medical care.

Most people make a full recovery from a concussion with rest and time.