Changing your name after getting divorced

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2023 | Divorce

If you are getting ready to file for a divorce or have already ended your marriage, you could have many different emotional, financial and legal hurdles to work through. Some people have additional issues to deal with, such as those who wish to change their last name as a result of their marriage ending. For example, if you changed your name after getting married and the relationship has come to an end, you may have no interest in keeping your former spouse’s surname.

Changing your last name could provide you with a fresh start and help you move on in life. However, it is imperative to understand the various steps that you must take in order to change your name and the different government agencies that you have to inform. Failure to report your name change to various agencies could lead to complications.

Federal agencies to inform after a divorce-related name change goes over various federal government agencies that you might have to inform if you decide to change your name due to the end of marriage. For starters, it is important to inform the Social Security Administration of your new name, especially since other agencies find out about name changes via the SSA.

Furthermore, the IRS says that it is crucial to inform the SSA before filing taxes since the name on your return must match SSA records. If you have a passport, inform the State Department to get a passport with your new name.

State agencies to inform after a divorce-related name change

At the state level, you should update your driver’s license or ID card as soon as you can. You should also inform your local post office and update your voter registration. If you receive public assistance, reach out to the social services office as well.