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Caring And Responsive Family Law And Divorce Representation

Feinman Law Offices maintains a family law practice to assist individuals with a range of legal issues relating to divorce. Providing representation in both northeastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the lawyers focus on realistic legal solutions and efficient results.

Attorney Stephen P. Shannon leads the firm’s family law practice. He helps clients find favorable solutions to both straightforward and complex divorce issues, including:

  • Child custody/parenting time
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Emergency orders
  • Property and debt division
  • Bankruptcy and divorce
  • Modifications

We offer family law services to Massachusetts residents in Andover, Newburyport, Rockport and their surrounding areas. We also serve clients in Salem, New Hampshire, and its nearby locations.

Tailored Representation To Meet Your Needs

When clients work with the law office, the approach used will directly relate to the specific needs, goals and laws applicable to each individual. In all cases, the lawyers work to obtain timely and practical outcomes that reflect the real-life needs of their clients.

Due to the sensitive nature of family law and divorce issues, the attorneys remain highly accessible throughout the duration of each matter, ensuring that clients always have the answers and information they need.

Options In Divorce Resolution

For clients who seek a less contentious end to their marriages, the law office may recommend divorce mediation. During this form of alternative dispute resolution, the spouses meet with a neutral third party to discuss all points in a divorce agreement. Depending on the circumstances in each case, lawyers may or may not be present at these meetings. However, after each meeting, it is advisable for the parties to discuss the issues with their own attorneys. As experienced mediators, the lawyers at Feinman Law Offices understand how to guide and advocate for clients during this ADR process. Learn more about the process and benefits of mediation.

When mediation attempts fail, or when mediation is not an option in the first place, the law firm is prepared to provide traditional litigation representation.

Contact Feinman Law Offices For A Free Consultation

Feinman Law Offices is pleased to provide a free divorce or family law consultation to clients in northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Schedule yours today by calling 978-494-6669 or filling out this email form.