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Asset Protection During The Division Of Property In Divorce

As part of its divorce representation, Feinman Law Offices provides strategic guidance to clients regarding the division of assets and debts. The lawyers conduct a full financial analysis of the marriage in question to accurately gauge the incomes of both spouses; the full extent of marital and separate assets, including physical property, retirement accounts, pensions, checking and savings accounts, stocks and other investments; and marital debt.

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The Division Of Property Process In Massachusetts And New Hampshire

After the client’s goals are assessed against the marital estate, the attorneys will advise on realistic expectations as well as strategies to meet or exceed the desired results.

While many property divisions are “straightforward,” the firm’s attorneys are highly skilled in addressing additional complexities that may accompany asset division, including:

  • Asset tracing
  • Commingled property
  • Qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs)
  • Business valuations
  • Separate versus marital property
  • Possible effects of property division on support orders
  • Liability for jointly held debt ordered to one spouse

We offer family law services to Massachusetts residents in Andover, Newburyport, Rockport and their surrounding areas. We also serve clients in Salem, New Hampshire, and its nearby locations.

Understanding Equitable Distribution

In New Hampshire and Massachusetts, all property that is acquired during marriage is considered joint property. If the spouses cannot reach an agreement regarding property division, a judge will make a ruling as to equitable distribution. This does not necessarily mean that the property will be divided 50/50. Instead, it means that the parties will leave with an equal value of assets. For instance, one spouse may receive a greater portion of investment accounts while the other spouse may be granted the house. Equitable division will also take into account any marital liabilities, such as credit card debt.

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