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Vigorous, Experienced Representation At Trial

Litigation is one of the primary focal points of Feinman Law Offices. Since 1989, the law firm has provided strategic litigation representation to individuals, families and companies involved in a wide range of legal disputes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Addressing cases at the state, federal and appellate levels, the firm’s trial lawyers excel at every stage of the process from discovery and pretrial motions, to negotiated settlements and courtroom presentations in front of judges and juries.

To discuss how a trial attorney from Feinman Law Offices can help resolve your dispute, contact the firm today. Call 978-494-6669 or use this online form for an email response.

Litigation Representation In Massachusetts And New Hampshire

While the law firm is equipped to handle nearly any type of civil litigation matter, core competencies include:

  • Litigation: Including partnership disputes, business breakups and dissolution, contract disputes, shareholder disputes, commercial landlord-tenant disputes and collections litigation.
  • Real estate litigation: Including foreclosure defense, title disputes, zoning disputes, breach of contract and all other disputes related to the purchase, sale or leasing of a property.
  • Professional malpractice: Including legal and accounting malpractice, negligent and intentional misrepresentations.
  • Appeals: Providing appellate court representation for petitioners and respondents in any post-trial matter.

In all matters, the attorneys help clients assess the cost/benefit of each resolution option. This includes weighing the potential financial gain/loss as well as the emotional/stress component associated with negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and trial.

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Located in Andover with a satellite office in Boston, Feinman Law Offices provides trial representation and other legal services in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Call the firm now at 978-494-6669 or fill out this online contact form for an email response.