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Bankruptcy laws protect Massachusetts families and economy

A lot of citizens of Massachusetts feel awful about contemplating bankruptcy. For some, the thought is as anxiety-producing as the debt spiral that got them looking into bankruptcy in the first place. It’s understandable and it’s normal.

But the institution of bankruptcy is a critical tool that makes the global, national and Massachusetts economies possible and a little more just.

Distracted driving leads to 2 accidents in the same place

Distracted driving has reached a level in the United States that could be considered a public health emergency. Driving is hazardous enough, as serious accidents began almost as soon as the first automobiles hit the road. The extra availability of common distractions like cellphones and other electronics make it even more likely for drivers to slip up.

A police department in Worcester County recently released video of an accident involving a driver who was sending a text message while driving. The driver's car struck a utility pole, causing the vehicle to flip and felling the pole.

Foreign marriages require more effort to end

No one looks forward to dealing with the paperwork of divorce, even when people are enjoying the prospect of a fresh start in life. But life in a marriage can bring people far and wide, and many couples do not dissolve their legal relationship in the same jurisdiction where they tied the knot.

When it comes to marriages that began outside Massachusetts or the United States, courts need to prove there is a legal marriage to dissolve. A marriage certificate from an out-of-state or foreign court may be filed with a local authority with an application to file a marriage certificate late. This form is available from courts in the Bay State.

Facts you need to know about the bankruptcy means test

When you find yourself in dire financial straits, bankruptcy may be the best way to resolve your situation. The preferred form of bankruptcy for most Massachusetts residents is Chapter 7. It is relatively fast and in many cases allows you to keep some of your possessions. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy means test deters some people from considering this as a remedy.

Learning how the bankruptcy means test works can relieve some of the anxiety you feel about the process. An experienced attorney can provide you with comprehensive details about the test that are significant to your circumstances. To start learning on your own, please review the following facts about the means test.

Should Fetal Alcohol Syndrome be a factor in criminal charges?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) s a condition that can affect people their entire lives in a range of severity. FAS is caused by the mother consuming alcohol during pregnancy, often resulting in restricted growth, including growth of brain synapses. While the effects can vary case-by-case unfortunately the condition is not reversible. FAS can present itself in many ways, including physical birth defects, social and coping problems, and cognitive disabilities. 

Some experts in the field of FAS studies think that as high as 75 percent of the U.S. prison population suffers from some degree of the condition. But before we discuss that, let's examine how FAS affects the body and mind. 

What are the most important steps to take after an accident?

In the wake of a car accident in Massachusetts, many victims have trouble focusing on the details of the crash. In most cases, they are immediately concerned with making sure everyone involved is okay and alerting the authorities about the crash. This is exactly the right response to car accidents, but victims must also give some attention to the crash itself if they are able to do so.

Unless you have suffered severe injuries and need immediate medical care, following a few simple steps can save you from trouble down the road. These steps can make it easier to file auto or health insurance claims. They can also pave the way to a successful personal injury lawsuit under the guidance of an experienced attorney.

  • Exchange contact and insurance information with all involved parties
  • Ask the responding police officer to file an official report on the car accident
  • Take down the officer's badge number and name
  • Talk to witnesses who saw the crash and take down their names and contact information
  • Take pictures of the accident scene from all angles
  • Take photos of the damage to your car and other personal property

How does parallel parenting work?

Those who suffered through a high-conflict marriage feel relieved once their divorce is over. However, if you have children with your ex, do not expect all of your conflict to end. Sharing kids usually means that you will still have to deal with your ex to some degree.

However, traditional co-parenting plans may not work in high-conflict situations. Many co-parents in Massachusetts have found that parallel parenting is an effective way to minimize conflict that can be harmful to their children.

A look at the pros and cons of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

There are many reasons for a financial crisis such as the loss of a job or a medical emergency. It is typically impossible to predict these life-changing events and the financial damage they cause. When the time comes to remedy this financial damage, many people consider filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

In many cases, this is absolutely the right decision. However, most Massachusetts residents still hesitate to file. It can help your decision if you take some time to look at several of the pros and cons of Chapter 7. Weighing the advantages against the disadvantages can provide you with a clearer picture of what your bankruptcy journey will look like.

How does alcohol affect the brain and its ability to function?

When you look at consuming alcohol through a scientific lens, it is no surprise that alcohol-involved car accidents occur. In truth, it is a wonder that they do not happen more frequently. Consuming intoxicating beverages has many immediate and delayed effects on the brain and on one's ability to function properly.

According to American Addiction Centers, alcohol affects both moderate and chronic consumers in several ways. For the occasional drinker, the effects of alcohol include:

  • Impairs memory
  • Causes blackouts
  • Causes recklessness and loss of inhibitions
  • Impairs the ability to make sound decisions

Using social media may be hazardous to your divorce

Using social media outlets like Facebook or Instagram has become a habit for many Massachusetts residents. People use social channels to share news and pictures of their interests or their families. Most do not think that the use of social media can have a negative effect on their lives, but it can and does in many cases.

When couples are getting a divorce, social media can be particularly problematic. Because what you post on the Internet is usually open to the public, your spouse's divorce attorney is probably monitoring your activity. He or she may use your activity as evidence against you in your divorce. The following section shows how social media use can have a negative effect on three elements of divorce.

  • Spending: If you are in the midst of a property division conflict, discussing extravagant new purchases online can impact your final decree.
  • Romance: A skilled divorce attorney can use your Internet discussions about a new romantic interest to harm your case or raise allegations of adultery.
  • Behavior: Making social media posts describing behaviors that compromise you as a parent can threaten your chances to acquire custody of your kids.

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