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July 2019 Archives

Facts you need to know about the bankruptcy means test

When you find yourself in dire financial straits, bankruptcy may be the best way to resolve your situation. The preferred form of bankruptcy for most Massachusetts residents is Chapter 7. It is relatively fast and in many cases allows you to keep some of your possessions. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy means test deters some people from considering this as a remedy.

Should Fetal Alcohol Syndrome be a factor in criminal charges?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) s a condition that can affect people their entire lives in a range of severity. FAS is caused by the mother consuming alcohol during pregnancy, often resulting in restricted growth, including growth of brain synapses. While the effects can vary case-by-case unfortunately the condition is not reversible. FAS can present itself in many ways, including physical birth defects, social and coping problems, and cognitive disabilities. 

What are the most important steps to take after an accident?

In the wake of a car accident in Massachusetts, many victims have trouble focusing on the details of the crash. In most cases, they are immediately concerned with making sure everyone involved is okay and alerting the authorities about the crash. This is exactly the right response to car accidents, but victims must also give some attention to the crash itself if they are able to do so.

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