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A dangerous delay with driving distractions

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Car Accidents

Driving distractions are everywhere. Modern drivers often have infotainment systems in their cars that they use to control the climate, the music, the GPS and much more. Drivers also get distracted by their cell phones and other devices that they may try to use in the car. Technology has made life easier, but it also increases how frequently these distractions occur. 

Using electronic devices while driving can be very distracting and leads to serious accidents. Some drivers understand this risk and try to get around it by only using their devices when they are stopped at red lights or even just waiting in traffic – such as when traffic backs up in a construction zone. But this isn’t actually as safe as people assume.

A 27-second delay in cognitive processing 

The problem is that the distraction still lasts for an average of 27 seconds. There’s a significant delay between when the person puts down their device and when their brain re-focuses on the task of driving the car. Many drivers are still facing severe cognitive distractions, even if they’re not actively using the device at the time.

In fact, studies have found that more than half of all accidents leading to injuries or fatalities take place at intersections. The reason for some of these crashes is that drivers believe they are no longer distracted when they actually are, and they cause accidents that would have otherwise been avoided.

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