Electrical vehicles and safety issues

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Car Accidents

Electric vehicles have many potential advantages over gasoline-powered cars and trucks. They could save consumers money in the long run and they put fewer greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere.

Consumers should consider the overall safety record and prospects of electric vehicles before making a final decision.

The dangers

According to Forbes, every electric vehicle for sale today has a lithium-ion battery. The technology of these batteries has come a long way, but many shortcomings exist. These include such things as a short lifespan, toxicity, lack of performance and logistical difficulties. In the realm of safety for operators, the electric vehicle could have issues with overheating and even bursting into flames.

These dangers increase during extreme situations such as a car accident that results in a battery puncture. A battery that spontaneously combusts can result in a rapid explosion that puts the driver and passenger at grave risk. One fatal electric vehicle accident took firefighters several hours to put out the flames.

The precautions

While electric vehicles do come with a unique risk profile, consumers can also mitigate these risks. Battery safe includes making sure the battery does not remain in a hot vehicle. Owners should also make sure not to overcharge batteries, which over time could lead to an increased risk of explosion. Fast charging stations could also harm the battery.

Consumers can purchase a shutdown separator, which increases battery safety by separating the two volatile parts of the battery during charging. Also, nonflammable electric batteries may become more common shortly. Individuals considering an electric vehicle purchase should look at all aspects of a  model’s safety profile.