Distracted driving leads to 2 accidents in the same place

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Car Accidents

Distracted driving has reached a level in the United States that could be considered a public health emergency. Driving is hazardous enough, as serious accidents began almost as soon as the first automobiles hit the road. The extra availability of common distractions like cellphones and other electronics make it even more likely for drivers to slip up.

A police department in Worcester County recently released video of an accident involving a driver who was sending a text message while driving. The driver’s car struck a utility pole, causing the vehicle to flip and felling the pole.

In less than a day, the same spot on the road was the scene of an almost identical accident. A texting driver struck the same pole, causing overnight repairs that closed the road. Both drivers were transported to local hospital for treatment of injuries.

“We want to remind everyone about the serious outcomes that can result from texting and driving, being distracted by any other means, or impairment from drugs or alcohol,” police investigating the accidents said. “It is not worth your life or the life of another person.”

Accidents involving distracted drivers can indeed end up costing lives. Drivers should remember to wait on text messages and other diversions until they come to a stop, which also sets a good example for other drivers on Massachusetts roads.

Victims of car accidents involving distracted drivers may file petitions for damages in civil court. They can seek financial damages, including reimbursement for related medical expenses and compensation for loss of income during recovery. An attorney can help gauge this possibility after an accident.