A car accident may cause life-long incontinence

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Car Accidents

Like most of your neighbors, you probably drive your car every day. With some defensive driving and a bit of caution, you can minimize your odds of being in a serious car accident. Still, you may not be able to escape one forever. 

Some types of injuries are common in any automobile collision. While you may expect to fracture a bone, cut your skin or develop whiplash, bladder injuries are also possible. Unfortunately, you may develop life-long incontinence after a moderate or severe car accident. 

Bladder trauma is rare, but serious 

The Urology Care Foundation reports that bladder trauma is uncommon. After all, your bladder sits inside your pelvis, where rigid bones protect it from damage. Still, if your pelvis breaks, your bladder may be vulnerable to injury. It may also rupture if an object penetrates your abdomen during a serious car accident. 

Nerve damage can cause incontinence 

While bladder trauma is rare, spinal injuries in car accidents are significantly less so. During any car crash, you may sustain an injury to your spinal column. If the injury includes a break, pinch, tear or another type of spinal cord damage, you may experience paralysis. While paralysis comes in a few different forms, urinary incontinence may be a side effect. 

Appropriate treatment is essential 

Incontinence is not only embarrassing, but it may also be painful. Furthermore, you may have to curtail necessary activities if you cannot trust your urinary system to perform normally. Regardless, correct diagnosis and treatment of bladder issues after a car crash is essential. To ensure that you receive the best possible care, you may need to see a urologist who understands car accidents. 

Even though you may not give much thought to your bladder, you do not want to deal with life-long incontinence after a car crash. By understanding how the condition tends to occur, you can better plan for advocating effectively for your overall health.