Common car accident injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Car Accidents

Despite advancements in automobile technology, drivers and passengers are still being injured in accidents. Taylor and Francis Online noted recently that occupants in newer-model vehicles are at less risk for injury; however, there are a few common injuries that occur during all types of crashes and across all age ranges.

Neck injuries, such as whiplash, are often seen in both drivers and passengers when an accident happens. Upon the point of impact, the occupants’ bodies continue forward, even though the vehicle stops and then snap backward, causing trauma to the neck. This type of injury happens most often when a rear-end collision occurs, but it can occur in almost any crash where sudden involuntary bodily motions happen.

Head injuries are also a common occurrence when car accidents happen, such as edema. describes this medical issue as a swelling of the brain and can cause brain damage or death. Edema can either happen at the scene or develop 24-48 hours after the crash. Skull fractures can be common in those who were not wearing a seatbelt and strike their heads against the windshield or other objects in the car. These fractures can result in severe nausea, blurred vision, slurred speech and confusion.

Passengers involved in car wrecks often experience broken ribs, even in low-impact crashes. When people are pushed around within the interior of a car, their ribs can get crushed and cause severe chest trauma.

Many car accident injuries can result in major bodily damage and even death. Seat belt usage can reduce these incidents for passengers, no matter their age or body type.