Make the most of your case

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2020 | Divorce

Every case is unique. The more you know about the specifics involved in a dispute, the more opportunity you have to put the events in the context of the law. 

We have seen time and again that knowledge is power when it comes to legal issues. Knowledge of the law, knowledge of the details of an incident and knowledge of the other parties’ positions and motivations. In fact, we often find that conflicts can be resolved outside of the lengthy and expensive litigation process once all parties have the right amount of information. 

Alternative dispute resolution 

Especially in family law issues, such as divorce, we find that alternative dispute resolution methods help save time, money and stress. The simple fact that ADR often helps parties get together in the same room would be enough, but these methods also offer the opportunity for a more open form of communication. 


The procedure in a courtroom is often very rigid. Representatives of each side of the case have certain times when they may speak, certain actions they may take at specific stages and so on. Furthermore, there is a great deal of paperwork associated with most litigated divorces. In almost every situation, each party has responsibilities and rights when it comes to filing these documents — and corresponding time limits. 

In short, ADR is typically something both parties would agree to do, although the court may also order it in certain cases. Especially if you have a great deal of information to support your position, this forum could provide an opportunity to convince the other side in your dispute to see reason. Please continue reading on our main website for more information.