How do doctors treat fractured bones?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Injuries

You slipped and fell while running errands, and you suffered a few injuries. If a doctor diagnosed you with a fractured bone, you likely want to recover as quickly as possible and get back to your day-to-day life.

WebMD explains treatment options for bone fractures. By learning options for healing, you build your personal injury case and give yourself peace of mind.

Set the bone

After avoiding further damage with a splint, medical professionals must set your fractured bone. Using surgery to set a break is “closed reduction,” commonly used to address bone fractures in children. Depending on your injury’s severity, you could require “open reduction,” which involves a medical procedure. You may need glue, screw, pins, plates or rods to position the fracture properly.

Apply a cast or splint

Once doctors set the bone, they keep it in place with a splint or cast. Some patients require traction to address pain and support healing. Your physician may prescribe painkillers if you experience discomfort or antibiotics to help block infection in open fractures. Expect to start rehabilitation soon after you receive a cast or splint. Rehab promotes healing, stimulates blood flow, maintains muscle tone, and helps you avoid stiffness and blood clots.

Use the body part again

Expect to experience stiffness once your medical team removes your cast or splint. If you limp or experience other symptoms, they usually clear within a few weeks. Return to your usual routine gradually, asking your doctor which activities you can engage in safely.

You deserve to understand all your options for recovering from a fractured bone. The more facts you have, the better you understand which damages to seek for your legal case.