Is nesting an option for you?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Divorce

After getting through a divorce, parents must still figure out a way to work together to raise their children. While co-parenting has proven itself a solid way of reducing divorce-related trauma to your child, some parents need a little more space after the split to recover.

This is where bird nesting may come in handy. What about this option can provide a respite for parents while providing security and stability to children?

How does nesting help your kids?

Divorce Mag looks into nesting as a potential option for divorcing parents looking into child custody choices. Bird nesting takes its name from the actual animal and how they raise their young. In the same way that a baby bird remains within the nest, the child will stay in the family home.

This provides more stability and comfort than the traditional set-up, which involves the child traveling between their parent’s houses in accordance with the custody arrangement. On top of everything else, they must then get used to a completely new setting, new people and a new style of living.

How does nesting help parents?

Like this, they can continue living in the comfort of a familiar place, without suffering too many upsets in their daily schedule. It also allows co-parents to have some distance from each other. Instead of inhabiting the family home together, each parent will take turns living there in shifts.

Of course, this means both parents need a second place to stay when it is not their time to stay in the family home. Though this could prove a potential financial hurdle for some, the benefits of bird nesting are certainly worth considering.