Tips to avoid a pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Injuries

It is crucial to understand the dangers that you face whenever you walk close to moving vehicles. Whether you walk alongside a busy street or make your way through a parking lot, you could suffer a serious injury if a car, truck or motorcycle hits you. Reviewing pedestrian safety and precautionary measures that you can take could help you avoid an accident.

Tragically, even the most cautious pedestrians can become injured due to the negligence of a driver, such as someone who becomes distracted behind the wheel or drives too fast.

Accident risks and staying safe while walking

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration highlights some of the pedestrian accident risks that you should watch out for and ways you can stay safe. When sidewalks are available, you should use them, and you should try to cross the road on crosswalks. If using a crosswalk or intersection is not an option, try to cross the road in a well-lit location that offers the clearest view of traffic.

Keep an eye out for vehicles around driveways, and watch out for drivers leaving parking spaces. Pay attention to traffic signs and erratic vehicles.

Drivers can also help prevent pedestrian accidents

Drivers should always remain vigilant and look for pedestrians, especially during periods of poor visibility. Obeying the speed limit and exercising caution around crosswalks and while trying to pass vehicles is pivotal.

Unfortunately, some drivers ignore these risks and cause an accident, such as someone who drives drunk and veers off of the road. If a pedestrian accident left you injured, look into resources that could help you recuperate.