How do brain injuries manifest?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Car Accidents

After taking a blow to the head, it is highly possible that a brain injury may follow. These injuries have numerous impacts on a person’s life.

In what ways do they tend to manifest? What should a brain injury sufferer keep an eye out for?

Mild brain injury symptoms

Mayo Clinic discusses trauma in the brain and how it manifests. Brain trauma typically ranges from mild to severe, with each level having its own variations. Injuries manifest differently in different people, varying depending on things like the victim’s health, age, or the type of incident that occurred.

Milder brain injuries typically manifest in ways that make it somewhat difficult for victims to act quickly, as they may not have full awareness that they suffered from an injury.

Victims of mild brain injuries might experience headaches and light sensitivity. Typically, these are not too severe. They might have temporary memory loss or other memory-related struggles, but these also do not last very long.

The symptoms of moderate to severe injury

Moderate to severe brain injuries are often easier to pick up on, as they have more obvious and extreme symptoms. For example, victims might pass out, black out, vomit or lose their fine motor skills. They may even lose general motor skills and struggle to stand, walk or complete simple tasks.

Whether mild or severe, anyone who took a blow to the head should seek medical attention. This is the only way to ensure that the brain does not have serious damage that might require a period of hospitalization.