How do crashes cause crush injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Car Accidents

Getting into a car accident will often result in injuries. Injuries to the head, neck and back are particularly common.

However, crush injuries may also occur. These are among the most serious injuries that can impact a person, with potentially life-long consequences.

What are crush injuries?

Up To Date discusses how crashes may result in crush injuries. First: what are crush injuries? A crush injury is the result of something heavier or larger either compacting, crushing, running over, falling on, hitting or otherwise compressing part or the entirety of a person’s body.

Many different things can cause crush injuries. For example, natural disasters have high crush injury rates due to the fact that buildings and other debris often land on people.

Car crashes are one of the most common ways that people suffer from crush injuries outside of natural disasters and high-risk industries like construction.

Sources of crush injuries in car crashes

In a car, victims can easily end up pinned between pieces of the vehicle’s interior. On top of that, it is not impossible for someone to end up thrown out of the vehicle. Once outside, they could get pinned between the car and the road, between two vehicles, or between a car and something else.

Crush injuries are always severe, no matter how small the area crushed. Anyone suffering from any sort of crush injury should get immediate medical care. If not, they may suffer from some of the more serious repercussions of a crush injury, such as gangrene, sepsis, organ failure or even death.