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Distracted driving leads to 2 accidents in the same place

Distracted driving has reached a level in the United States that could be considered a public health emergency. Driving is hazardous enough, as serious accidents began almost as soon as the first automobiles hit the road. The extra availability of common distractions like cellphones and other electronics make it even more likely for drivers to slip up.

What are the most important steps to take after an accident?

In the wake of a car accident in Massachusetts, many victims have trouble focusing on the details of the crash. In most cases, they are immediately concerned with making sure everyone involved is okay and alerting the authorities about the crash. This is exactly the right response to car accidents, but victims must also give some attention to the crash itself if they are able to do so.

How does alcohol affect the brain and its ability to function?

When you look at consuming alcohol through a scientific lens, it is no surprise that alcohol-involved car accidents occur. In truth, it is a wonder that they do not happen more frequently. Consuming intoxicating beverages has many immediate and delayed effects on the brain and on one's ability to function properly.

Car accidents: Getting help when you need it the most

Victims injured in avoidable car accidents suffer in many ways. They must typically cope with physical pain as they work to recover. In most cases, these victims must also overcome financial burdens in the aftermath of an accident. Emotional and mental suffering such as depression and unusual levels of anxiety are also a problem for many car accident victims.

Massachusetts may finally ban driving with handheld phones

One of today’s most urgent traffic safety issues is distracted driving. As smart phones become an ever-larger part of our daily lives, drivers young and old just can’t seem to put them down while behind the wheel. And the consequences of all this distraction are obvious. About 8 percent of fatal crashes in Massachusetts (and 10 percent nationwide) are caused by distracted driving.

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